[12.07.03] Landsmót
What a fantastic Landsmót! Glóðafeykir frá Halakoti, son of Rökkvi, was the winner of the B-flokk and Rökkvis other son, Hrímnir frá Ósi, won the silver medal! A longer rapport will be written soon. You can read about it (in swedish) here.

[12.06.07] Successful sons of Rökkvi!
Greifi frá Holtsmúla and Hrimnir frá Ósi, both sons of Rökkvi, had some successful days at the competitions in Mosfellbæ earlier this week. Greifi won the preliminary round in A-flokk with 8,64 as a total score! Hrimnir won the preliminary round in B-flokk with a fantastic score - 8,99! He also won the final were he was rewarded with several 9,0.

[11.01.15] Frozen semen!
This season frozen semen from Rökkvi will be available!! More information on the way.

[10.12.06] Treatment again
Rökkvi was treated again for the same bleeding on his suspensory ligament since it seemed to not have made the healing progress we had hoped for. So this time we opted for a treatment that has been very successful on tendons and ligaments. To make it simple, you take his own blood to trick the body to fix the injury. It's called PrP (Platelet rich Plasma) and we are crossing our fingers and toes that it works! This means, however, that he might not make it to the competition scene this year.

[10.07.22] Rökkvi is doing his job!
So far five of his mares are pregnant: Aska från Rämnå (8,33), Fjóla från Skáneyland (7,92), Aría frá Njálsgerdi (7,95) Stelpa från Kaggestorp (8,27) and Súla frá Hóli (7,87).

[10.06.22] Hrimnir frá Ósi!
The fiveyear old son of Rökkvi, Hrimnir frá Ósi recently got new scores of 8,32 with the great score of 8,49 for rideability as a fourgaiter! He maintained 9,5 for both tölt and trot. He got all nines with the exception of walk were he got 8,5. The comments were high leg action, good speed, good forwardness, cooperative and good posture.

[10.06.01] Offspring!
There are now pictures of Rökkvi´s offsprings available for viewing here on the website.

[10.04.17] More updates!
A list of Rökkvi´s merits is now available under ”About Rökkvi”. Contact information is now available under ”Contacts” and you can see eight pictures off Rökkvi under ”Gallery”.
For you who don't know already, Rökkvi is unfortunately injured. He has a small bleeding on the suspensory ligament of his left front leg. He is undergoing ”shock wave” treatment every other week for another six weeks . It is not likely that he will be on the competition track this season unless a minor miracle happens. This means, however, that he can give his mares his undivided attention!

[10.04.06] Updates!
You can now read all about the breeding season and covering with Rökkvi under ”Breading/Covering”. There is also more information available under ”About Rökkvi” and there is more to come!

[10.04.06] Rökkvi has his own website!
The website is now under construction. So far there is no information available but be patient, it's on it's way! Rökkvi will be staying home at Margaretehof for the whole season.