For the season of 2013, Rökkvi will be available for breading at Margaretehof in the south of Sweden until the middle of june. From the 15th of june until the first of august he will be covering at Stutteri Svennebjerg in Danmark (

Rökkvi will be entertaining his mares in his big pasture and he will be available for hand mating for an extra fee.

We will be checking on Rökkvi and his mares every day. A diary is held so that we can have good check on the mares cycles and of anything else that might influence a possible pregnancy.

10 000 Sek + VAT.
or 5000 SEK covering fee + VAT + living foal fee 6000 SEK + VAT.
Grazing free: 40 SEK/day including VAT.
Marefee and any veterinary costs will be added to the costs above.

Booking and questions about breading with Rökkvi? Please contact Sussie Lund Lindberg on mail or phone +46708238155